Profile of Obumneke Ejimnkeonye; NCP Candidate for Anambra Central Senate Seat


​-Aspiration receives support from Biafrans in Politics
Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) has cleared Biafrans candidate for Anambra central senatorial election in 2019. Obumneke Ejimnkeonye Okafor who is Biafrans candidate for the senatorial election is vying with National Conscience Party’s (NCP) ticket. There is panic in the camps of current senator of the zone and other strong candidates in the zone. The fear is that Biafrans will mobilize en masse and ensure victory for their candidate. The candidate, when elected, will move motion for granting regional autonomy to indigenous nationalities in Nigeria or granting them independent republics through peaceful dissolution. Read the the CV of Biafrans candidate.

Obumneme Ejimnkeonye

CV of Obumneke Ejimnkeonye Okafor – Biafran Candidate For 2019 Anambra Central Senatorial Election
Name: Obumneke Ejimnkeonye Okafor

Name of Parents: Mr Chukwudi Ejimnkeonye Okafor and Mrs Nneka Okafor

Place of Birth: Odoakpu Onitsha, Onitsha South LGA, Anambra State

Date of Birth: 12th July, 1975

Place of Origin: Umuatulu Awovu, Enugwu Ukwu, Njikoka LGA, Anambra

Permanent Address: 51, James Nkwoji Road, Awovu, Enugwu Ukwu, Anambra
Schools Attended:

1. Patrick Okolo Memorial Primary School, Onitsha

2. New Bethel Primary School, Onitsha

3. Onitsha High School, Onitsha

4. Nnamdi Azikiwe University (NAU), Awka
Highest Educational Qualification: BSc. in Computer Science
Other Educational Qualifications: Nine (9) local and international certifications in Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
Jobs and Businesses Done:

1. Freelance Computer Engineering: 2004 – 2008

2. Regional Coordinator (coordinated two regions simultaneously – Abuja and Northern regions) of Information Technology Department in Spring Bank Ltd: 2008 – 2011

3. Disaster Recovery Site Manager of Enterprise Bank Ltd: 2011 – 2013

4.  Banking Application Systems Administrator in Fidelity Bank PLC – 2013

5. Manager in Information System Department of Glo Telecoms: 2013 – 2018
Current Areas of Business: ICT and Property (Land)
Leadership Positions Held:

1. Founding Vice President of Onitsha LGA Junior Engineering Technical Society (JETS) Club – 1991

2. Captain of Lion Babes Football Academy, Onitsha: 1991 – 1993

3. Student Leader in NAU, Awka: 1999 – 2001

4. Chior, Young Christian Movement (YCM) and Laity Executives in Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Ojota, Lagos: 2005 – 2008

5. Founding Chairman of Enugwu Ukwu Youth Union, Abuja – 2010/2011

6. PRO of Enugwu Ukwu Community Development Union, Abuja – 2010/2011

7. Chairman/CEO of Stack Investment Limited

8. Convener and Leader of Biafran Peoples Assembly (BPA). BPA is a political group whose most activities were stopped when MOBIN came into existence because it is not really necessary to have multiple groups with similar agenda in the same era. Synergy is required in our political process.

9. Founding Director General (DG) of Movement of Biafrans in Nigeria (MOBIN)

10. Member of Governing Council of Customary Government of Biafra (CGB)

11. Convener and Leader of Igbo Patriots (IP) – IP is pro Igbo NGO. It has gone to Abia, Anambra, Ebonyi, Enugu and Imo states House of Assembly and submitted letters for enacting of bill that will stop open grazing in the states. The effort has started yielding fruits. Abia State House of Assembly has already passed the bill for prohibition of open grazing.
Political Positions Contested In The Past:

1. Anambra Central Senatorial Position – 2015

2. Anambra State Governorship Position – 2017
Other Areas of Interest:

1. Apart from leadership/politics, sports, science and technology, Obumneke Ejimnkeonye Okafor has interest in socio-cultural and economic activities. On economics, he has a blueprint on economic development of Alaigbo and beyond through industrialization and e-commerce. On social and cultural activities, it is on records that he has joined over 10 social and cultural groups and still remains member of about six of them.
Popular Quote:

Political and socio-economic emancipation of Ndi Igbo is a job that must be done. According to Obumneke Ejimnkeonye Okafor, the quote motivates and propels him towards political position. He is convinced  that he shall get it and use it to free Alaigbo from wrongly structured Nigeria. The freedom can be gotten through regional autonomy. There is no better way to achieve it than being in a place where the bill for regional autonomy will be presented and passed into law. That is why he is contesting for Anambra central senatorial position and Biafrans in politics are supporting him.
Biafran and Igbo lawmakers in national assembly have avoided discussing regional autonomy which most indigenous nationalities in Nigeria want and Alaigbo desires much. Obumneke Ejimnkeonye Okafor will present the bill for granting indigenous nationalities autonomous regions or independent republics in senate. He will lobby for it and work with lawmakers from other regions to get it passed into law. 

This is possible because God is with us in this quest for freedom.






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