Nnewi’s Quest for Quality Representation: The Benchuks Nwosu Option, by Ebuka Onyekwelu


Nnewi, a major industrial and business hub in Anambra state is an emerging modern city of many positive parts. In business and industry, the town stands distinguished boasting of some of the largest markets in the Southeast and truly, Nigeria; with industries and manufacturing activities in full gear, owing to the presence of Chikason Group of industries, Cutix PLC,  Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing, among many other industries, small businesses among others.

Moreso, it is a well known fact that Nnewi stands tall and exceptionally brilliant in commerce and industry to the extent that people often assume that Nnewi has only attained success in business and industry. Hence generally, albiet erroneously, the assumption that Nnewi has little or nothing to offer in academics and especially, in politics. It is indeed a general believe that while Nnewi can boast of several tens of billionaires, tens of successful industries and businesses, it cannot pride itself as a major political player in Anambra State.

Even when it is an open secret that Nnewi billionaires are often the ones whose substantial monetary contributions, are used to prosecute political campaigns at state and national levels, for different positions. However, particularly in recent times, it appears Nnewi has continued to fall out of grace in mainstream political calculations.

For instance, in the just concluded APGA primaries, out of two eminent Nnewi sons- Ifeayi Ubah and Dr. Okey Chidolue, plus our  eminent wife; Amb. Bianca Ojukwu, the wife of the supreme leader of APGA, non of them got the APGA ticket for Anambra South Senatorial zone. Again, the only Nnewi man who contested House of Representatives ticket in APGA-Comrade Uzo Nwosu, was not given the ticket.

In other words, Nnewi has again lost out completely in APGA which is the ruling party in Anambra state, a development that seems to suggest again, that Nnewi cannot be part of mainstream state politics. The stake is high again with virtually all Nnewi people feeling alienated, ignored and mindfully schemed out of APGA power play.

In any case, a very important point being missed by observers who say that Nnewi cannot play mainstream politics is that Nnewi has maintained opposition to ruling political parties. In fact, the political culture of Nnewi is a web of complexities. For instance, even Ikemba, a man reverred far and near, lost an election in Nnewi; this is despite his popularity and fame.

Ever since, APGA has continued to loose subsequent elections till 2011 which saw the emergence of Rt. Hon. Chukwudi Orizu of APGA and then again in 2015, with the election of Hon. Amala Anazodo who won in all the ten wards of Nnewi.

However, ahead of the 2019 General Election, considering the quality of candidate paraded by the PDP for the state House of Assembly contest, in the person of Rt. Hon. Barr. Benchuks Nwosu, as well as the status of Nnewi in Anambra politics at present, why is it important for Nnewi to go for Benchuks?

Rt. Hon. Barr Benchuks Nwosu

The Benchuks Nwosu Option

With over 15 years experience as a distinguished human rights lawyer, 4 years experience as an outstanding lawmaker, in which cause he showed to be an upright man and a man of integrity when he rejected huge sums of money to impeach the then Governor of Anambra state -Mr. Peter Obi, while he was in the House of Assembly.

Benchuks enjoys smooth relationship with the people of Nnewi, the Igwe and other traditional fathers of Nnewi; relationship that dates back to the time before he was elected to serve in the House of Assembly in 2003. Indeed, owing to his noble role in forestalling the impeachment of Peter Obi, and contributions in stabilizing the polity of Anambra state, he became so popular and has remained exceptionally relevant throughout Nnewi, till date.

Benchuks is a major figure in the peace being witnessed in Anambra polity today. For such a man, especially for a time like this,  in which Nnewi has again been left with no solid place in APGA, not only will he secure Nnewi dividends when elected, he will represent Nnewi with the experience of a ranking member and truly, stands a great chance of emerging as a principal officer in the 7th Assembly of Anambra state.

The Benchuks’ option is not one based on mere talk and proposed good intentions. It is one rooted in years of hard work, as a lawyer and a lawmaker. Benchuks is a tried and tested lawmaker of high repute. Let us note well that good and quality leadership are measured by observable realities, not by mere good intentions or proposed ideal intentions. Not on what ought or will be done, but on the actual work done. Benchuks has over the years demonstrated personal integrity and honour throughtout his public service.

Experience, honour, dedication and principle of natural justice and fairness was his mantra when he oppossed the impeachment of Peter Obi who was then in APGA, while he was in PDP. Nnewi people are very wise people and they have not forgotten the selfless services of Benchuks Nwosu and his efforts, his humble and dedicated representation of Nnewi throughout his public life till date. He is indeed a man that Nnewi needs to reclaim its relevance in Anambra state politics come 2019.

The Benchuks Nwosu option for Nnewi, is the real game changer that will put Nnewi at a vantage position as a distinguished lawyer, former lawmaker and experienced politician; with him in Anambra state House of Assembly speaking for Nnewi, that is the best bargain for quality representation, for ndi Nnewi.






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