For God Sake Make Buhari & APC Stop All Dis Packaging – Nigerians!


Nigerians say na all dis annoying packaging naim go finally destroy APC and dia Presidential candidate, President Buhari

Dem say dem don start to use use Igbo atire dey dress Buhari for election photoshop becos election don reach ground

But Buhari never one day thru out e tenure commission one Federal project for South East. Say di only time e even manage visit South East na during Anambra governorship election.

Say even Vice President Osinbajo wey be Pastor still join for dis annoying packaging. Dem say nah Osinbajo dey go round dey talk say dia feeding school program don reduce di number of children wey nor dey go school. But di true figures wey dem just release show say, under di APC Buhari goverment, di number of school children wey nor dey school increase from 10 million to 13 million

And nah Kastina State wey Buhari come from naim be di State wey take second position for children wey nor dey school

Di same Osinbajo wey bi Pastor naim still dey talk say dem don remove plenty Nigerians from poverty becos of di money wey dem dey share give Nigerians wey nobody don come out say dem dey collect. But di true picture bi say, under di APC Buhari government, poverty don increase well well for di country. Many many Nigerians dey hungry badly. In fact, hunger dey open shop for almost every street for Nigeria and even world leaders confirm am say more pipo dey hungry well well under Buhari

Nigerians say plenty pipo don lose dia job under Buhari government. Di number of Nigerians wey nor get work increase well well under di APC Buhari government

Dem say di orda one, nah di Minister of Agriculture, Audu Ogbeh, wey go tell Nigerians and di whole world say Nigeria don bi di 10th exporter of rice for di world. E even say Thailand close some of dia factory becos of di way Nigeria don dey export rice to other countries. Di Thailand government say dem nor close any of dia factory, say be like say nah highness dey worry Audu Ogbeh

Di same Audu Ogbeh just talk to di Press few days ago say e be like say scarcity of rice go dey di country next year. From 10th exporter of rice in di world to scarcity next year!

Many Nigerians just take am say APC demsef confuse. Dem say dem just dey wait for 2019 to come

Dem say if APC like make dem wear Buhari all di different clothes for di world, say nah only Buhari don expose imsef with e 97% vs 5%

Some say if APC don tire with dia packaging or if dem nor get any packaging to sell to Nigerians, dem fit give dem more packaging to make dem confuse di more

Nah for twitter, facebook, instagram and whatsapp, naim we dey gather all dis opinions from Nigerians, join di ones Buhari and im officials talk






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