​Oduda is Not Part of Nnewichi, Obi Nnewichi Insists, as PDP Rounds up its First Tour Across Nnewi


The first session of the People’s Democratic Party- PDP tour in Nnewi North LGA, came to an exceptional happy ending today as the train visited Otolo and Nnewichi, having visited Umudim and Uruagu, all in Nnewi North Local Government Area of Anamnbra State, just yesterday. The exercise which witnessed large turnouts in each quarter, also witnessed the endorsements of Hon. Chris Azubogu; who is the candidate of the PDP for House of Representatives to represent Nnewi North, Nnewi South and Ekwusigo Federal Constituency and Hon. Benchuks Nwosu, the candidate of PDP for Nnewi North state constituency, in the March 2, General Election.

Obi Nnewichi, Speaking to Hons. Chris Azubogu and Benchuks Nwosu

Hon. Chris Azubogu who is the incumbent rep of the federal comstituency and who has been nicknamed Mr. Project, for the various projects he has undertaken and still undertakes, all over the federal constituency, received overwhelming support and commendations.

The crowd in attendance

As the train moved to Otolo and Nnewichi today, where they rounded off the visit in grand style, a testament to PDP’s strong support and admiration. Speaking during the event, the Obi of Nnewichi; Obi George Onyekaba maintained that as of now, Oduda is not part of Nnewichi. He narrated how Oduda was particular about setting up a political committee and how they didnt oppose the report of the committee, but surprisingly refused to sign the agreement only to go behind and work against the rotation agreement in Nnewichi. He recalled that after Igwe Nnewi made it clear that it is Nnewichi’s turn and that Nnewichi should go and prepare, they returned and bearing in mind the political tension within Nnewichi, they set up a committee to harmonize the various interests and figure out an acceptable power sharing formular. Accordingly, that was the backdrop upon which Nnewichi introduced a power rotation formular which effectively permitted only Okpuno to vie for House of Assembly.

The meeting hall, at Obi Nnewichi

His Highness Obi Onyekaba then expressed his satisfaction with the performance of Hon. Chris Azubogu. Also, he commended Hon. Benchuks Nwosu for his steadfastness and doggedness. He went on to praise the decision of PDP, in its choice of candidates and prayed that all PDP candidates be supported so that they will all win.

Prince Sam Ben Nwosu, addressing the crowd

Addressing the people of Nnewichi at the Nnewichi hall, Hon. Prince Sam Ben Nwosu; the Federal Character Commissioner for Anambra State said that Nnewi is united in their resolve to send nothing but their best both to the Federal House and House of Assembly, with the calibre of candidates paraded by PDP for the positions. Prince Sam Ben noted in clear terms that Nnewi cannot be used for any personal negotiation. He went on to highlight that the duo of Hons. Chris and Benchuks, are the best Nnewi can give and that it cannot afford to do anything less. Speaking about Hon. Benchuks, Prince Sam Ben recalled that as far back as 2003, the then VP who is now the Presidential candidate of the PDP had wanted Benchuks to contest for House of reps given his level of competence and capability, to which Benchuks said his brother can go, that he is okay with House of Assembly. On Hon. Chris,  Sam Ben noted that the federal constituency has never had it so good and therefore sending him back is not negotiable. He concluded by emploring the amazed crowd to support the best, in their collective best interest.

Rt. Hon. Barr. Benchuks Nwosu talking to people

While talking to the crowd, Hon. Benchuks Nwosu recalled how he did everything possible to bring the then Minister for Environment to inspect the Obiofia erosion, including exploring his relationship with the three governors who governed Anambra between 2003 and 2007; to ensure that the Obiofia Nnewichi erosion menace was addressed. Speaking further, he remarked that he has published his acheivements but some people still question what he acheived before, simply out of dishonesty to facilitate their propaganda and lies. He went further to say that it is shocking the type of politics our people play just for self serving purposes, which he assured will not stand, admist cheers from the crowd.

Emma Nmewi speaking

Emma Nnewi while speaking recalled that during the impeachment of Peter Obi, he was then the PDP zonal youth leader and was called and told to speak to Hon. Benchuks to collect a certain amount of money and support the impeachment. He said he called him (Benchuks) and told him but he said he has already consulted with the Igwe Nnewi and Nnewi stakeholders and he has been instructed to stand by what is true and that he will do nothing otherwise. That, he described as a mark of super character that is uncommon. He also recalled how Benchuks was instrumental to the attention 100 footroad had during his first tenure in the House, which set the pace till date. Emma Nnewi also underscored that although Nonso, Obinna and Benchuks are all qualified, but this particular situation requires an experienced hand and firm voice that cannot be intimidated, in the person of Benchuks Nwosu. He then declared his unflinging total support, as well as Abubo Nnewichi’s total support for Benchuks Nwosu. He also went on to emphasize that Abubo will deliver their votes 100% to Benchuks Nwosu, as well as all PDP candidates from A to Z.

Benchuks supporters led by Okwuchukwu Arinze

In his remarks, Hon. Chris Azubogu maintained that this election is between PDP and APC, in which case he asked if the people will support APC, they shouted No! He then asked that all candidates of PDP be voted throughout. Talking about Benchuks, Hon. Chris said, “Benchuks was literally forced to join the contest for House of Assembly, he never wanted. The truth is that he is too big for it, what he did was to answer a call to service, by his people. What happened was that Nnewi stakeholders went to him and begged him, practically forced him to join the contest”. Going further he said, “quote me anywhere, Benchuks didnt buy his form by himself, the form was bought and given to him because he is good and he knows the job of lawmaking very well. His services and experiences are needed in Nnewi and that is why he must be supported in the very best interest of Nnewi”.

Hon. Chris Azubogu addressing the people

Hon. Azubogu then went on to narrate how he has grown in the business of lawmaking over the years and now grounded hence bringing dividends of democracy to his constituents and there is more hence, his next term will be unprecedented in deliverying quality representation.

Ejim, Hon. Azubugo and an aspirant of PDP, for House

Mr. Ejim speaking after he was called up by Hon. Chris, declared his total support for all PDP candidates. He noted that Benchuks reached out to him after the primaries which he lost and he had no need to switch parties. He went on to declare his unalloyed support for Hons. Chris and Benchuks for House of Reps and House of Assembly, respectively. He then ended by admonishing the people to go get their PVCs and ensure they vote during General Elections. Also another aspirant for the House of Assembly seat on PDP’s platform who spoke, declared his support for Benchuks and Chris Azubogu, as well as adviced the people never to sell their votes for penny, in the interest of good governance and quality representation.

Ejim talking to the people






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